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Sunglasses protect against harmful UV rays, reduce eye strain, and enhance vision. Our optometrist at Littlefield Optometry, LLC in Kansas City, MO, may recommend prescription sunglasses to help preserve your vision. We will examine your eyes carefully and suggest the most suited sunglasses for your health, age, and style. Prior to visiting us, take a look at frequently asked questions below to learn more about sunglasses! 


What Are Some Common Types of Sunglass Lenses?

The most common types of lenses include the following:

  • Prescription lenses: These offer visual correction and UV protection
  • Photochromic lenses: They darken to protect exposure to UV ligh and lighten when it is dark outside
  • Gradient lenses: These are designed for people with high sensitivity and need protection from UV rays while still seeing other objects clearly
  • Mirrored glass: These control the amount of light entering the eyes
  • Polarized lenses: They are beneficial for outdoor activities, such as fishing and swimming

Why Is It Important to Wear Sunglasses?

UV protection and vision correction are the main reasons why people wear sunglasses. However, you can also wear them to complement your style during outdoor events.

How Can I Know Which Sunglasses are Right for My Eyes?

When you visit our optometrist, we can examine your eyes to decide which sunglasses would be best for you. We will carefully asses your eyes and their health to recommend the ideal type of sunglasses lens that will help you see more clearly and enhance your facial features.

How Do I Take Care of My Sunglasses?

We suggest to store sunglass away from direct sunlight or excessive heat. Along with that, handle them carefully, avoid wearing them on top of your head, and wipe them well when you are not using them. Our optometrist will give your care and maintenance tips for your sunglasses, depending on the type of lenses you purchase.

Do Children Need Sunglasses?

Children may need sunglasses when staying in extremely sunny areas to prevent the generous UV rays. Similarly, an optometry expert may recommend prescription glasses to a child with visual problems.

How Long Should I Keep My Sunglasses?

Two years is the average time to use most sunglasses, mainly if you wear them daily. However, our eye doctor will let you know how long you should wear your sunglasses before they need to be updated.

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