Pink Eye FAQ

pink eye

Pink eye, known scientifically as conjunctivitis, refers to a condition characterized by an inflamed or infected membrane that lines parts of the eyes. When the tiny blood vessels in the transparent membrane are inflamed, they become more prominent and thus visible, appearing reddish across the white parts of the eye. The professionals at Littlefield Optometry in Kansas City, MO, can help with the discomfort associated with pink eye symptoms.

It is noted that pink eye can be quite irritating, but rarely will it impact one’s vision. But the pink eye can be contagious, so the earlier the diagnosis, the better chance of limiting the spread of the condition.

What Causes Pink Eye? 

A viral or bacterial infection is the primary cause of pink eye. For some, an allergic reaction can result in pink eye. Note, though, in babies; conjunctivitis may occur when the tear duct fails to open fully.

What are the Symptoms of Pink Eye?

Every patient is different, but most will seek the medical guidance of an eye doctor or optometrist when experiencing these symptoms in one or both eyes –

  • Redness or pinkish color on the whites of the eyes
  • Itchiness
  • A grittiness
  • A discharge that may crust over during the night, making it difficult to open your eyes when awakening
  • An unusual tearing from one or both eyes

Can I Wear my Contacts when I have Pink Eye?

If you suspect you have pink eye, it is important to stop wearing contact lenses as soon as you recognize any symptoms mentioned above. If the symptoms continue, even after you have stopped wearing the contacts, it is important to speak with an eye doctor to ensure your symptoms are not indicative of a more serious eye condition or infection related to wearing contacts.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Optometrist for Pink Eye Treatment in Kansas City 

Want to relieve the symptoms of pink eye? Littlefield Optometry in Kansas City is ready to help. Give Littlefield Optometry’s eye care professionals a call to schedule an appointment.  Remember, pink eye can be highly contagious, so early action is critical to preventing a further outbreak.

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