Choosing the Right Glasses

If you have an eye problem, an eye doctor may recommend that you start wearing glasses. After that, the big task is choosing the right glasses. Littlefield Optometry, LLC in Kansas City, MO, offers a wide variety of quality eyeglasses that will best suit your needs. We understand that it can be difficult to select suitable eyeglasses. That is why we take pride in ensuring you feel comfortable and stylish in your eyeglasses while properly addressing your eye problems.

How to Choose the Right Glasses

Choosing the right glasses can be quite challenging. To make it easy, here are some tips.

Let the Glasses Be in Harmony with The Shape of Your Face

People have different face shapes. Whether your face is square, oval, or round, you'll find suitable eyeglasses. If your face is round or rectangular, square glasses can be a perfect option. If you have an oval face, you have an advantage because almost any shape will be suitable for you. If you have a square face, glasses with oval or round frames can look good on you.

Choose the Right Frames

You can choose eyeglasses made from either metallic or plastic flames. They are also available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. If you do not want your glasses to put a lot of weight on your face, go for metallic frames. Plastic frames may be a bit heavy but are more durable.

Frames also come in a variety of sizes. Ensure the ones you select fit you comfortably. Our optometrist will take your measurements to determine your right frame size.

Get Glasses with the Right Lenses

Shape and style are not the only things to consider when getting eyeglasses. You must get the right ones that will correct your eye problems. If you have eye problems that need to be corrected by wearing glasses, our optometrist will give you the correct eyeglasses prescription.

Get Quality Eyeglasses from Littlefield Optometry, LLC

Eyeglasses should not only address your eye problems. They should also make you feel good and confident. At Littlefield Optometry, LLC, we offer a wide variety of eyeglasses to suit everyone's needs. To schedule an appointment with our eye doctor, contact us at 816-888-5400.

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