Back To School Glasses

When it's almost time for your child to go back to school, we know you have a lot to do to prepare them for that first day. One of the things your child needs is an eye exam, so they have the glasses they need for back to school.

If you're in the Kansas City, MO, area and need an optometrist for your child, call Littlefield Optometry to make an appointment with our eye doctor.

Seeing Better

If a child needs glasses and doesn't have a new prescription for the new school year, they won't see as well as possible. This can have a significant impact on how well they do in school.

When they can see well, they can see the board more clearly and see what the teacher is doing at the front of the classroom. Not being able to see well can mean missing notes that are put on the board and reminders about tests and other upcoming assignments. This can harm your child's academics, but new glasses can help make all the difference.

Social Cues

Going to school is partly about academics and partly about socialization. Part of that socialization is about recognizing social cues. That is made more difficult when a child can't see well. It can affect their friendships and their social circle. It can be embarrassing to a child and make them less social because of it.

Having a fresh prescription can help your child keep up with other kids as well as with their school work.

See the Eye Doctor

When your child needs an optometrist, give Littlefield Optometry in Kansas City, MO, a call at (816) 888-5400 to schedule an appointment. It's important every child has an updated prescription for the new school year, so they have the best chance at excelling.

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