7 Signs You Might Have Cataracts

Cataracts can be tricky. They can sneak up on you as you get older, resulting in vision loss. As the lens of the eye thickens, your vision can become impaired. It is a condition that typically affects senior citizens. At first, they develop slowly, but then the symptoms can become more noticeable. We have gathered some signs that you might have cataracts, and how our eye doctor at Littlefield Optometry in Kansas City, MO can help.

1. Blurry Vision

This symptom is the tell-tale sign of cataracts. As your lens thickens, it will become understandably more difficult to see clearly.

2. Light Sensitivity

If you find it more difficult to be around light sources, it could be a sign that you have cataracts.

3. Seeing Halos Around Lights

Cataracts can get more severe, and many patients report seeing halos around lights. They are especially apparent during nighttime.

4. Difficulty Reading Fine Print

Cataracts affect your visual acuity. You may find that even with your eyeglasses you have trouble reading a magazine or a book.

5. Difficulty Driving At Night

Cataracts can make it especially challenging to operate a vehicle at night. Anyone who knows they have advanced cataracts should not get behind the wheel of a car at night.

6. Double Vision

Double vision is common when you have cataracts. The reason for this happening is the scattering of light that enters the thickened lens.

7. Challenging Time Seeing Familiar Objects

If you have already had a difficult time seeing far-away objects, it will be even more challenging with cataracts. Anything from street signs to faces in a crowd may seem blurry.

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The first step for the treatment of cataracts is making an appointment with our eye doctor. Littlefield Optometry provides a wide range of eye care services, including diagnosing and treating cataracts. Call our team today at 816-888-5400 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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