Arctic Macula Risk Test

Understanding the Arctic Macula Risk Test

Maintaining your optimal eyesight is our primary concern at Littlefield Optometry in Kansas City. Our eye doctor is highly trained to provide you with the best care for your vision. We offer eye care services such as eye exams, lens exams, sports vision, vision therapy, and the Arctic Macular Risk Test. The Arctic Macular Risk Test is used to establish if you are at risk of age-related macular degeneration or if you already have the disease.

What Is the Arctic Macula Risk Test?

The macula is a small central portion of the retina which is responsible for your central vision. Central vision refers to the ability to look at things directly. It allows you to do tasks such as reading a book close up or far away, such as road signs when you are driving.

Age affects the macula, damaging and deteriorating the retina and vision as a whole. And after the age of 50, there is significant vision deterioration that is slow but gradual. The condition is known as age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

The Arctic Macula Risk Test is an eye test that allows you to know if you are at risk of having AMD or if you already have a degenerative disease. It allows you to detect vision degeneration, which gives our optometrist the ability to curb vision loss early before it is extensive.

What Are the Benefits of the Arctic Macula Risk Test?

The benefit of the Arctic Macula Risk Test is to allow you to determine if you are at risk of getting AMD. One of the leading causes of AMD is a poor lifestyle, and by taking the test, our eye doctor will know if you are at risk of getting degenerative diseases. After determining if you are at risk, our optometrist can prevent the damage by preserving your vision. The optometrist may also help slow down the degenerative process, saving your eyesight from total damage.

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The Arctic Macula Risk Test is a test carried out to determine someone's risk of having age-related macular degeneration. It allows our eye doctor to understand your risk level, and if the risk is high, it gives us time to prepare adequately to curb it. Littlefield Optometry in Kansas City offers the Arctic Macular Risk Test for you at an affordable price. Our eye doctor is well equipped to help you get through AMD and preserve your vision. Do you want to know more about AMD and the Arctic Macula Risk Test? Contact us to book an appointment.

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