Choosing the right polarized lenses

Choose the Right Polarized Lenses

There are so many choices for anyone choosing glasses nowadays. It can be difficult to decide the best option for your circumstances, and it differs from the selection you want to make under pressure. There are several considerations when you choose the right lenses, and Littlefield Optometry in Kansas City, MO, wants to give you the right information. By reading the article below, make a comfortable decision when it is time.

What Are Polarized Lenses?

Glare is a bigger problem than you realize, and you only understand once you have the right polarized lenses. Glare comes from natural and unnatural sources, such as sunlight and artificial lighting. Polarized lenses have different sources of glare, making your vision clearer and colors crisp.

Types of Polarized Lenses

There is a wide range of quality, and some polarized lenses are much higher. Tinted lenses simply have a color tinting, like yellow, blue, or green. People choose tinted lenses because the appearance can be flattering. Transition lenses change depending on your environment, becoming darker when exposed to brighter light. Whichever lenses you choose, ensure you get the right amount of ultraviolet (UV) protection.

When Are Polarized Lenses Not Useful?

Polarized lenses make it difficult to read digital devices, and you may need to take them off. You may also need different glasses for driving at night. Your depth perception may be reduced during certain activities, such as sports participation.

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Optometry has come a long way, and our Kansas City, MO, eye doctor can offer you more choices than ever before. You can ask Google to "look for an eye doctor near me" and find the best optometrist to help you with all your vision needs. At Littlefield Optometry, we understand that every patient is different and want to ensure your eyes are healthy and happy with the results. Call us at (816) 888-5400 to answer all your questions.

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